Whats for Dinner?

Did you know that there are receptors in your digestive system that signal the brain and tell it when to feel hungry and when to be satisfied.  When you consume highly concentrated nutrients, the body’s hunger centers are easily satisfied, resulting in fewer cravings and less hunger.  This is why you can eat a lot of refined “empty nutrition” bread or other carbohydrates, since carbohydrates do not trigger the brain hunger centers as readily.  The reason your cravings will go away is because the body is getting all the nutrition it needs.  Cravings only occur when you are missing some nutrients.   Exert from The 7 Principles of Fat Burning by Eric Berg. 

Are you asking yourself how am I going to feel in 30 minutes after I eat what is in front of me….well then I ask the question again “Whats for Dinner Tonight”


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