Phase 3 and 4 – Are making lifestyle changes Painful?

Hello All you HCGers!!  Hope you are enjoying your summer…it is going way to fast for me.  Well I get so many questions on moving into phase 3 and 4 and how much to eat and what is healthy.  I always say that it is a time to learn about your body and what works for you.  So much of it for me is how have I learned to treat myself, my body over the past many years. 

I saw on Dr Oz website a full chapter from the book The Spectrum written by Dr. Ornish.  I have many heart issues in my family as does Dr. Becvar (his father having had heart surgery)  many of you may have heard him speak in our introductory meeting.   Dr Ornish has also written a book and done research on reversing heart disease.  I plan on getting both The Spectrum and 28 days to reversing heart disease.  Chapter 2 of the Spectrum which is provided in full below has wonderful in site as we take this journey to not only lose weight but improve health and enjoy living each day.  I hope you all enjoy it.


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