Holiday Weekend Eating Phase 2

Hello HCGer’s.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  My sister and I had Graduation parties and BBQ’s to go to this weekend.  We had a great time.  We did great on the diet and both had losses throughout the weekend.  We took our own food and drink.  I now have 16 marked X’s on my calendar.  I thought about taking one bite at a party on Saturday resulting in not being able to fill in the date with an X and thought against it.  I am so glad that I made the right choice.  I am just getting through a plateau so any cheating would have just thrown me back two feet scared and bruised. 

I always plateau the 2nd or 3rd week.  What does that look like.  For me, one day I went up 2 lbs and then next day I lost 2 lbs.  No change in eating either cheating involved.  The previous day and the following day no change in weight what-so-ever…still no cheating.  I am now down 13 lbs when I was down 12 a week ago.  I am completely happy I know that everyone has plateau’s and this is the week for mine.  Now the problem really would have been if I had cheated on top of it making my body do even crazier things.  Happy to report that I have not done any cheating and I know that my body will begin to lose again soon.  My success has been great during this week each day marked by a greater success then the previous. 

I feel great and hope that you are feeling great also.  Are you getting closer to your goals for your weight and health?   Set small goals, write them down and set large goals write them down also.  Share them with someone.  Reward yourself as you meet your goals little and big.  Let us celebrate our growth on this journey to great health.  Daily and weekly exercise, clean eating and taking care of the bodies that God has blessed us with.   Have a great week!!  Terry Freeman


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