Phase 2 issues and simple solution

Well Good Morning All you fellow HCGer’s.  It is cloudy in Colorado today.  My sister and I watched the biggest Loser Finale last night.  How inspirational.  I must say that it does make me appreciate HCG all the more….working out 14 hours a day seems far more painful then 3 quick sprays under my tongue twice a day and eating whole food from Dr. Simeons list.  Well many of you hear my speech for phase 2 in our weekly classes.  I really talk about doing this diet one day at a time and not focusing on how many days you have left.  It makes the program for my sister and I very positive instead of “How Long do we have left?”.  I count out the days on the Calendar and know when the last day of spray is, write it down, but really focus on doing my best on the diet today. 

Well my best was a mess this cycle.  I was struggling daily to stay on task and did not spray as I did not want to go in the other direction.  It was frustrating and I did not know what to do to get on task.  You may remember that I am also very competitive.  So this cycle I was on was causing me severe guilt and shame at the end of the day when I failed again.  I was about to just throw in the towel when I decided to take charge of this situation and not let food take charge of me as I have allowed it in the past.  One very simple tip put me back on the path to success….I hope it will all help you if you find yourself struggling. 

I now mark an X on my calendar at the end of each day in which I have been successful on the diet.  It is so simple but It has kept me accountable to myself.  Any time I think of not following the program to the “T” I also have to think of the consequences of not being able to put down my X at the end of the day.  A blank spot in my row of X’s would be so unappealing.  So now I measure my success not by a scale which I have no control of but by my ability to follow the diet day after day.  Now 9 days later I have colorful X all across the week and can view my successes at a glance..down 12 lbs.  When I shared this with someone on our program  she said that she will be putting hearts on the calendar and I thought how fitting.  We are loving ourselves each day on a path to great health

Keep up the good work and I love hearing all your successes and working with all of you through both diet questions and concerns. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the skinnier and more importantly healthier you today!!!  Terry Freeman


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