After Phase 3 – What’s next

1. After you finish the 3 week maintenance phase, be sure to add your carbs back in slowly. Take note of what makes you gain weight. Start with healthy low glycemic carb like steel cut oatmeal and Ezekiel bread or sweet potatoes or brown rice.  You can also print out a chart of foods which are low glycemic on the internet which can be used after you finish the maintenance phase.

2. Keep drinking your water and teas. If you’ve managed to refrain from all diet drinks and processed food…continue. This will contribute to successful maintenance. 

3.  Eat Raw Organic foods when possible.  I have read to always buy apples and potatoes organic at a minimum.  It is greater cost each week on your wallet  but is the cost to your health worth less?  When asking a sick person what is worth everything most will tell you…..Health, Family.  Why not take care of those today.  LOVE WELL.  Yourself and those around you.

4. Be sure to continue to watch the scale and remain within 2 pounds of the last spray weight.  If at ANY point you are above 2 pounds, immediately do a steak day.  

5. You can now eat or drink any foods you wish. Continue to weigh daily and see how the various foods you introduce affect your weight. Adjust your intake in accordance with what you discover about your own unique response to foods.

6.  Exercise at least three times a week.  Start with walking and work up to more intense workouts.  Find some activity you love to do (tennis, dancing, hiking, biking).  Remember being a child we did not go to the gym each week we played and moved our bodies.  If the gym is your thing….great, if not find something you love to do. 

7.  strength training is recommended each week.  Again find a workout that works for you.  Get a friend or your spouse involved and keep each other accountable.  This is your health and it is worth working towards.  Keep taking care of yourself and moving closer to the ultimate health that you so deserve.


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