Phase 3 – Nut Mixture

1 pkg of Raw Coconut
1 or 2 pkgs of Raw Almonds
2 cups of Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Pour coconut in a bowl and spray with Stevia – see below how to make a spray bottle for your Stevia.
Pour Almonds in a bowl separate from the coconut and spray with Stevia (I also have been coating them with some coco powder after I have sprayed them with the Stevia)  This gives you a nice chocolate flavor.

Pre-heat oven to 350.  Place coconut on a backing sheet and bake for about 20 but check about every 5 minutes and toss the coconut to give you an even toast.  You repeat this process with the Almonds.  You may find you need to toast the almonds a bit long.  The key is to remember to check every 5 minutes.  The coconut tends to toast fast and you could end up burning the coconut.  Let the almonds and coconut cool for about 20 minutes and then mix together in one big bowl.  Then add the 2 cups of pumpkin seeds to this mixture and stir all together.  Then you are ready to just snack away!

Now what I have done is saved one of my empty HCG bottles and washed it out very well.  Then I take my liquid Stevia and pour it in the bottle.  This allows you to spray the Stevia over the Coconut and the Almonds.  It gives a nice even coat over the almonds and the coconut. 
Marybeth Z.


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