Benefits of Xylitol

Thanks Kristin Nicole for collecting this information.  🙂


Xylitol is a true natural sweetener, without the side effects of sugar or most artificial sweeteners. Not only is xylitol safe but it also provides essential benefits with regular use. Xylitol is good for your teeth, promotes good health and stabilizes your insulin and hormone levels. DENTAL BENEFITS Xylitol has been used in the dental field for over sixty years to help promote oral health and the prevention of disease caused by bacteria.
• Inhibits plaque and dental cavities up to 80%.
• Retards demineralization of tooth enamel.
• Re-mineralization of tooth enamel.
• Increase saliva production.
• Protects saliva proteins.
• Reduces infections in the mouth and nasopharynx.
Xylitol benefits in the dental field are unlimited.
• Diabetic friendly
• Low glycemic (rated 7 on chart compared to sugar which is 100)
• Slowly metabolized, (no spikes)
• Natural insulin stabilizer
• No abrupt rises or falls in insulin levels
• Diminishes sugar and carbohydrate cravings
• One for One with sugar. Ideal for cooking
• 40% less calories then sugar and 70% fewer carbohydrates then sugar. These are only a few of the benefits that Xylitol will offer to Diabetics.
• Alkaline enhancing
• Anti-aging benefits
• Prevention of Osteoporosis
• Reversing bone loss
• Preventing middle ear infections. Studies on children have proved amazing results
• Aids in weight loss, and dietary needs
• Helps maintain hormonal balance
• Studies indicate it will help prevent types of cancer by preventing growth of bacteria that is harmful
• Slow steady release of energy (great for physical activity)
• Inhibits harmful yeast
• Increases absorption of B vitamins and calcium
Again the list of benefits is endless.

And here are some recipes for xylitol:


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