Phase 3 – Have you stabilized your weight?

Hello All HCG’ers.  Have you stabilized your weight in phase 3?  If not do not move to phase 4.  Stabilization is when your weight stops fluctuating and sets to the ounce or a few ounces.  Some have experienced this process taking just over 4 weeks.  This is an important phase and well worth the work to get your weight to a new lower set point.  Keep it up and pay attention to your body.  It is great to get to know what is working for you.

If you are setting your weight why not set it on the high side.  Do not limit calories.  Do not count calories.  The lowest amount you should consume is 1550 to 1600 per day.  Again this is on the low side.

If you plan to take a 5 or 6 week break and start the HCG Protocol again then stay in phase 3 and do not move to phase 4 (adding back in sugars and starches) until you have completed the protocol and will be in phase 4 for some time either finished losing weight or not completing another round for multiple months.   Good Luck and Happy eating and feeling great.


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