Phase 3 – Tips to make lifelong changes

1.  Get to know your body.  Notice when your stomach is full.  Feed your body when it signals the need for nutrition.   Most cravings will go away within 10 minutes if you wait it out.

2.  Always eat breakfast.  Eat three small meals per day and two or three snacks.  Do not get hungry..feed your body. 

3.  Sit at a table and be relaxed during a meal .

4.  Do not eat in front of the TV, in your car, or standing up.

5.  Eat slowly and consciously chew food thoroughly.

6.  Play relaxing music while eating, ideally baroque classical music or other types of music that are know to relax the body at the biological level.

7.  Put smaller amounts of food on your plate, and do not go back for seconds.  Use smaller 9 inch plates.  Fill your plate with 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 healthy grain, and add healthy fat.  Raw nuts, healthy oil (Olive, Coconut, Flax), avacado, olives.

8.  Be conscious about whether you are really hungry or full.  Stop eating when you are no longer hungry and are full and satisfied.

9.  Add raw food to your diet.  Nuts, Veggies, fruit.  Brocoli, cabbage and tomato or all vegetables that have benefit from the cooking process.

10.  For heart health add 2T a day of Tomato paste.

11.  Walk an hour a day.

12.  Exercise cardio 30 minutes 3 times per week and add Strength training each week.


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