Ok here is my recipe that i liked from time to time…This may not be new to some but here it is anyway…

Tina would make her own salsa (so it has no sugar) and we would use that as a dressing for salads and we loved it.
So, what you do is get that Salsa throw that in a frying pan (since you can’t use oils on stage 2) then you throw in some ground Turkey (of ground beef) and fry it up while stirring/mixing it up.  After the meat is cooked along with the salsa you have a couple of options.  I would either get Celery stalks or Romain lettuce leaves and treat them as tacos.  I just fill up the middle with the meat mixture and eat away.  You end up using about 4 or 5 individual stalks with this mixture.
If you wanted to go italian then just make a good Marinara sauce (remember, no sugars – real labels if you buy already made) instead of the Salsa.  Just remember to measure out 3 1/2 ounces of the meat prior to frying it.
Hope this helps with something a little different to eat.

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