Peter and I are on day 16 of the protocol.  He is down 15lbs and I am down 13.  We are very pleased and settling into different eating habits without killing each other. 



6 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Lisa S. Says:

    I am on day 26, and am very happy to have lost fourteen pounds so far. It hasn’t been very hard, and is much easier than Jenny Craig. Although I notice this diet takes fat from everywhere, and Jenny Craig took first from my stomach, it is interesting how different they are. I was going to stop at day 23 but still want to lose those last stubborn four to five pounds. It has gone very slow the last six days, only losing 1.6 in that time. I am going on a vacation to Florida on Feb 11th and know it is going to be hard to stay on Phase 3 for those five days. Any suggestions? Also still miss diet coke! I know terrible addiction. I am going to try Zevia soda in Phase three. Has anyone cheated and drank diet coke? Yes I know we are not supposed to drink artificial sweetner for the rest of our lives. Thanks for any replies.

    • litebynature Says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Nice job on the weight loss. Phase 3 can be a little tricky for some people. Just keep telling yourself, “No sugars, no starches.” Everything else is a go. 🙂 Typical starchy vegetables is potatoes, corn, carrots, and peas. No pasta, breads, beans, rice, etc. You can continue eating your same foods you ate in phase 2 but you have sooooo soooo many more vegetables, fruits, meats to pick from. You do not want to forget the calorie rich foods like coconut oil (healthiest oil to cook with), avacados, olives, nuts, seeds, healthy salad dressings, eggs, dairy, etc. Even though you are limited from sugars and starches it feels you have many fun choices to pick from after being so limited on phase 2. The mistake most people make is they limit their calories. You just came off a 2500-4000 calorie diet (when you include the fat cells the HCG opens up)…you do not want to drop your calories on phase 3…your body will feel it is in starvation mode. I know there is differing opinions on this but from what I have experienced talking with our clients they do a better job setting their hypothalamus when they are getting plenty of calories.

      As far as pop…obviously it would be ideal to break the habit BUT there are great pop choices…you might try Zevia which is flavored with stevia. I have never tried it but I have heard great reports on it. The link is on my affiliates page or Whole Foods carries it as well.


  2. Lisa S. Says:

    Thanks Jennifer. Lost point six today, which leaves me with three more pounds until my goal. Although one scale says 123.2 and the other 125.2, I am going with the light one hah hah. I will definetely try Zevia soda. I have been drinking Canada dry plain sparkling water and that seems to help with my diet coke craving.

    Jackie and I were watching Oprah yesterday and she had a show on food, and it was about whole foods. I have really had my eyes opened to all the preservatives, hormomes and antibiotics in food. I used to be the biggest fast food junkie, (my Dad was a district manager for A&W) and grew up on soda and baby burgers!!! Anyway there is a video out that I want to get called Food Inc- Have you seen it? Also My favorite fast food ever is CHipolte and they use meat that has no hormones or antibiotics and all the animals are treated humanly. He said all the chicken and pork is organic and 60 percent of all their beef is organic and grass fed. All there food is fresh and from local farms.

  3. Lisa S. Says:

    Hi Jennifer- Sorry for all the questions. For Phase 3, what is a healthy salad dressing??

    • litebynature Says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Frank and I are pretty picky about salad dressings. The 2 main things we look for is that it is organic and there is no soybean or canola oil used. Our favorite is Bragg’s organic vinaigrette. A new one we are enjoying is by Seeds of Change- Certified organic balsamic vinaigrette.


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